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Complaints procedure & Cancellation policy

Complaints procedure

The Grove fully intends to deliver the training as specified in the publicity materials and course handbook, to a high standard. If you have any concerns or preferences, please raise these with the tutor in the first instance, so that your comments may be explored and addressed.

However, if this initial step does not resolve any complaint, a written submission must be made to the Managing Director, Sarah Briggs at:
The Grove Practice
4 Wimpole Street

The Directors of The Grove will investigate the complaint, involving any relevant input from the Core Tutor and/or any tutor(s) involved. A meeting may be held between the Directors of The Grove and the complainant. The Directors will make best endeavours to resolve the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction. However, the Directors’ decision will be final.

That said, if any tutor raises a concern regarding the contribution or academic standard of any participant, this will be addressed during the lifetime of the course in an endeavour to support the student in completing the course satisfactorily.

Cancellation policy

The Grove fully intends to deliver the programme as advertised. However, in the event of unforeseen events or factors outside the organisers’ control, such as but not limited to venue circumstances, tutor illness or change in availability, The Grove reserves the right to alter the venue, dates, content, tutors or format of the course, while using best endeavours to maintain the intended style and material as far as possible. If such circumstances arise, where the programme is not delivered as advertised, the participant may choose whether to attend the revised programme or to receive a refund.

Once the application form and payment have been received by The Grove Practice, the participant’s place will be confirmed as a booking.

In order to fulfil our obligations to the tutor(s) and venue, as well as to the other participants who have signed up to the programme, no refund will be given within two months of the start of the programme.

However, if you wish to cancel your booking more than two months before the start of the programme, please email Sarah Briggs, Managing Director, via [email protected] to request a refund. Refunds are granted at the discretion of The Grove Practice, taking into consideration the circumstances applicable to the student’s request for a refund.